Rejoicing Always

“My mouth is filled with God’s praise. Let everything living bless him, bless his holy name from now to eternity!” – Psalm 145:21

Rejoice in the Lord Always (Philippians 4:4)!

In everything give thanks for this is the will of the Lord concerning you (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Blessed is He whose strength is in You (Psalm 84:5).

Are you rejoicing today?

You should have a satisfaction knowing that God is here for you; His wonderous works declare (Psalm 75:1).

Watch this beautiful scenry of water:

Jump in the river of living waters!

Splash and have fun. Rejoice in God.

Heavenly Father, help me to see your beauty all around me. May my gratitude spill over from a cup full of thanks to you in Jesus Name.

Here is a beautiful poem called “Rejoice by Helen Lowrie Marshall”:

Isn’t life glorious! Isn’t it grand!
Here – take it – hold it tight in your hand;
Squeeze every drop of it into your soul,
Drink of the joy of it, sun-sweet and whole!
Laugh with the love of it, burst into song!
Scatter its richness as you stride along!
Isn’t life splendid – and isn’t it great
We can always start living – it’s never too late!

If you think back over the past week, can you recall an incident or area of your life where God gave you victory? A new beginning? A new start?

Praise the Lord – it’s never too late!


Sing this hymn called “Rejoice the Lord is King”:

Now let’s praise the Lord with rejoicing. Watch “Hear Our Praises by Hillsong” and sing-along, as you get your praise on…

My Mouth will fill the Air with Your Praise – Rejoice in God!

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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