This is Important: The Bible is Clear about Music

Listen, My Brother and Sister in Christ! Learn about music and the Christian music industry. Why? Because it is very important for you at this time. How can you worship without knowing the God who you worship? Every offering to Him must be pleasing to Him. This is why the story of Cain and AbelContinue reading “This is Important: The Bible is Clear about Music”

Tye Tribbett Take On The Christian Music Industry

Listen To This Truth. The Christian Music Industry is of this World. The bible said to “Not be of this World ” (1 John 2:15-17; Romans 12:2). Free Bible Study on Praise and Worship Looking for understand the basic knowledge of praise and worship, click here!

How many times a day should you praise the Lord?

Worship Life Lessons Praise God At Least Seven (7) Times A Day Scripture: Psalm 119:164 KJV “Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments.” What are God’s righteous judgments? Can you think of at least a few? God has set in front of us a choice to do or notContinue reading “How many times a day should you praise the Lord?”