Bible Scriptures

Reading Scriptures to Feed Your Mind, Body, and Soul, to Meditate, and to Praise and Worship God.

Hopefully these scriptures taking from the bible will lift your soul each day: for  sharing your thoughts about each passage posted is good. Doing so will inspire someone else to do the same. Come on and encourage others in the Lord with these beautiful words of hope.

Bible Verses

Use these bible verses for memorization or quick reference

20 Praise and Worship Bible Verses Psalms of Praise (Bible Verses) 40 Bible Verses for Praise
Old Testament Praise and Worship Scriptures25 Bible Verses for WorshipNew Testament Praise and Worship Scriptures
30 Famous Bible Quotes 53 Bible Verses for Love33 Bible Verses for Grace
43 Bible Verses for Prayer 78 Bible Verses for Peace 33 Bible Verses for Faith
33 Bible Verses for Worship58 Bible Verses for Joy15 Bible Verses for Holiness
30 Bible Verses for Strength 33 Bible Verses for Hope15 Bible Verses for Happiness


Useful explanation of bible scripture from well-known scholars from Pulpit

Old Testament

Exodus 34:14Psalm 7:17Psalm 33:1Psalm 35:18
Psalm 35:28Psalm 50:23Psalm 56:4Psalm 56:10
Psalm 69:30 Psalm 99:9 Psalm 100:4Psalm 113:1
 Psalm 119:164Psalm 135:1 Psalm 145:3Psalm 148:1 
 Psalm 150:1 Proverbs 31:30Daniel 2:20Daniel 3:28

New Testament

Matthew 4:10Matthew 15:9Mark 7:7John 4:21
John 4:23Acts 17:231 Corinthians 14:25Galatians 3:9
Ephesians 1:6 Philippians 3:3 Hebrews 1:6 Hebrews 12:28
Hebrews 13:15 James 1:12 Revelation 14:7 Revelation 19:10
Revelation 22:9

Today’s Reading

Take time to read the Word of God by having a great theme for you to understand. For additional daily bible reading, go to the Listener’s Bible»

Old Testament

Deuteronomy 11

Reward Of Obedience

1 Chronicles 16:8-15

A Psalm To Thank The Lord

Psalm 9

When Man Forgets God Always Remembers

Psalms 34

Bless The Lord At All Times

Psalms 42

As A Deer Pants For The Water

Psalm 43 

A Prayer For Protection

Psalm 56

Trusting God For Help

Psalm 96

Sing To The Lord A New Song

Psalm 99

The Lord, The Fair, And Holy King

 Psalm 100

A Call To Praise The Lord

 Psalm 135

The Lords Name Endures Forever

 Psalm 146

Praise The Lord Who Helps The Weak

  Psalm 147

It Is Good To Sing Praises To Our God

 Psalm 150

Let Everything That Has Breathe Praise

Proverbs 9

Being Wise or Foolish

  Jeremiah 10

True Worship And False Gods

New Testament

John 4

Jesus Explains Worship To The Samaritan Woman

Acts 3:1-10

Giving Prayer and Praise to the Lord

1 Corinthians 13

The Excellence of Love

Galatians 5

Freedom In Christ Jesus

1 Thessalonians 5

Be Ready For The Lord’s Coming

Hebrews 1

God Spoke Through His Son

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All Bible Scriptures King James Version. Public Domain


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