Praise & Worship Awareness Day 2019

Copy Flowered Image to Share Can we celebrate our duties as Christians? Worship the Lord with: Giving Thanks and Praise to the Lord Giving to the Poor and NeedyOvercome Evil with GoodDon't Sin against Your Own Body Are you willing to commit or recommit yourself to God's purpose? On June 30th 2019, we will individually … Continue reading Praise & Worship Awareness Day 2019


The Origin of Praise and Worship

These combined usage of these words, praise and worship, does have a beginning. There origin does not come from God's word, but use as a genre in the secular christian music industry. When someone thinks of praise and worship of today, it is automatically comes across as christian's music. Christian music has been around since … Continue reading The Origin of Praise and Worship

Devo Day 4: Can You Praise with a Pure Heart?

Being Real with God “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” – Psalm 34:1King James Bible Today is the day to get your attitude to align with your heart, then you will see praise come forth. Without the inward attitude of the heart, you cannot praise … Continue reading Devo Day 4: Can You Praise with a Pure Heart?