Francis Black

I’m not afraid to share my story with you, or to praise the Lord. I truly believe that God is a good good Father. I’m thinking about “Father’s Day” coming up were most of the time, we get the short end of the stick. We get a tie, socks, or a barbecue cooking set. These things are okay, but it doesn’t express the true appreciation for Fathers. If mothers get flowers on “Mother’s Day,” why can Fathers get flowers too? We can appreciate the nature that God has given to mankind. I do believe we can know this type of love as well. God is not respecter of persons. I praise the name of the Lord for His ability to share this insight with me as I’m sharing this with you. Every man has a softer side to him too. Smelling flowers are calming and looking at them reminds me of a beautiful woman. Eve created for Adam. Thanks you Lord for strength to stay on course, to love my wife and to be obedient to Your word. Just know I like flowers too! Praise the Lord.


Published by Sister Shelena

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