Full! Full! Full!

“Only believe! only believe! all things are possible, only believe!” Praise God, He has made all things possible. There is liberty for everyone, whatever the trouble. Our Lord Jesus says, “Only believe.” He has obtained complete victory over every difficulty, over every power of evil, over every depravity. Every sin is covered by Calvary. WhoContinue reading “Full! Full! Full!”

An Honest Heart

Sermon Text If there is one thing more than another which we seek to keep in mind while preparing articles for these pages it is the need for and importance of preserving the balance of Truth, for we have long been convinced that untold harm has been done to souls through failure at this point.Continue reading “An Honest Heart”

Rejoice That Your Name Is Written In Heaven

“And anyone whose name was not found recorded in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire!” – Revelation 20:15 “Rejoice that your names are written in heaven!” – Luke 10:20 It is matter of the greatest joy in the world, for a man to have his name enrolled in heaven. Look!Continue reading “Rejoice That Your Name Is Written In Heaven”

Thanksgiving Obtains The Spirit

THE DAY HERE SPOKEN of appears to have been a day of days. It seems to have been the day of Pentecost on Old Testament times – a type of all the glorious days of an outpoured Spirit that ever have been in the world – a foretaste of that glorious day when God willContinue reading “Thanksgiving Obtains The Spirit”