I Love Praise And Worship – Less than a Minute Worship Quote

Worship Quote Billy Graham and John Wiber Quotes Worship of Servitude. Do you know the reason for these two words? Servitude is a condition in which one lacks liberty especially to determine one’s course of action or way of life. In Christ Jesus, you have a choice to submit or not. There’s no condemnation toContinue reading “I Love Praise And Worship – Less than a Minute Worship Quote”

God Made Man to Worship – A.W. Tozer Audio Sermon

Worship Sermon God Made Man to Worship by A.W. Tozer Audio Sermon God is seeking his stop worshipper.  Tozer will show you how we should worship God? Copy & Share Video URL Link: [ https://youtu.be/v7HpX_1PhtM ] Scriptures to Read Psalm 45:11 “So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thouContinue reading “God Made Man to Worship – A.W. Tozer Audio Sermon”

True and False Believers in Christ

Can you recognize true and false Believers in Christ? Now before you answer this question, let me give the simplest example that the Holy Bible tells every disciple is founded in Matthew Chapter 7. We are to watch out for false Believers of every form in the body – prophets, bishops, pastors, teachers, deacons, andContinue reading “True and False Believers in Christ”

Quick Answers: What is Praise and Worship Music?

Q. What is praise and worship music? A.  In the mid-sixties (1960’s), this musical branding of contemporary Christian music had been developed in the United States by the young adults until present day. Under the category of contemporary worship music, this sub-category, praise and worship, is used in part to help with corporate worship, alongContinue reading “Quick Answers: What is Praise and Worship Music?”