Bible Study: True Worship – Part 6

True Worship, Part 6 John 4:20-24 INTRODUCTION God seeks true worshipers who will worship Him in a manner which is acceptable to Him. We have seen that worship is the theme of history, stretching from Genesis through the end of Revelation. In the beginning, God created man to worship Him, but man rebelled. Since theContinue reading “Bible Study: True Worship – Part 6”

Bible Study: True Worship – Part 5

True Worship, Part 5 Key Scripture: John 4:20-24 INTRODUCTION I believe there’s a very serious problem in the church today. Little emphasis is given to the matter of worship. Today’s church doesn’t focus itself on true worship. A.W.Tozer, of a past generation, said, “Worship, is the missing jewel in the evangelical church.” If that wasContinue reading “Bible Study: True Worship – Part 5”

Bible Study: True Worship – Part 4

True Worship, Part 4 Key Scriptures: John 4:20-24 INTRODUCTION There’s nothing more important in a person’s life than to be oriented toward worshiping God. To worship God is the supreme activity of the universe. Now, we’ve been involved in a very essential study of acceptable, true, worship. Our central text has been John 4:20-24, butContinue reading “Bible Study: True Worship – Part 4”

Bible Study: True Worship – Part 3

True Worship, Part 3 John 4:20-24 INTRODUCTION Someone once said, “Worship is to Christian living what the mainspring is to a watch.” To worship God is the very core of a Christian’s response to God – the very heart of his activity. You say, “What does it mean to worship?” It’s simply to recognize theContinue reading “Bible Study: True Worship – Part 3”