Christ, the Lord, Is Risen Today!

Hymn 7s. 1 “CHRIST, the Lord, is risen to-day,” Sons of men and angels say! Raise your joys and triumphs high: Sing, ye heavens; thou earth, reply. 2 Love’s redeeming work is done; Fought the fight, the battle won: Lo! the sun’s eclipse is o’er, Lo! he sets in blood no more! 3 Vain theContinue reading “Christ, the Lord, Is Risen Today!”

Again Thy Glorious Sun Doth Rise

Hymn Again thy glorious sun doth rise, I praise Thee, O my Lord; With courage, strength, and hope renewed, I touch the joyful chord. On good and evil, Lord, Thy sun Is rising as on me; Let me in patience and in love Seek thus to be like Thee. May I in virtue and inContinue reading “Again Thy Glorious Sun Doth Rise”

A Hymn of Morning Praise

Hymn O God, inspire our morning hymn Of love and gratitude; Oh, bless the sacrifice we bring, Thou Source of every good. Refrain: Touched by Thy hand of love, we wake, And rise from sweet repose; Thy praise shall first the silence break, Thy peace within us flows. Thy miracle of love so sweet PreservedContinue reading “A Hymn of Morning Praise”

A Joyful Song Of Praise

Hymn A joyful song of praise we sing, And thankfully we gather To bless the love of God above, Our everlasting Father. Refrain: In Him rejoice with heart and voice Whose glory fadeth never, Whose providence is our defense, Who lives and loves forever. From shades of night He calls the light, And from theContinue reading “A Joyful Song Of Praise”