Praise Christ Jesus – Poem by Bob Gotti

Poetry Praise The Lord Christ Jesus, who is the one who frees us, From all our hurts deep inside, and all the pain that we hide.He gives to us a real peace, deep inside that will not cease.He saves us from all our sin, when we truly believe in Him. Praise The Gracious Lord above, whoContinue reading “Praise Christ Jesus – Poem by Bob Gotti”

Why We Worship God Poem by Bob Gotti

Poetry The reason why we worship God, all across the lands we trod, Are found in God’s Only Son, and for all us, what He has done. Above all, Christ is our Creator, not to mention, He’s our Savior. And everything in our life, is sustained by our Lord Jesus Christ. We partake of anContinue reading “Why We Worship God Poem by Bob Gotti”

A Card for You: A Prayer for Mother’s Day

Dear Heavenly Father, I give you thanks and praise for you marvelous ways, your awesome powers, and love. You have give to all mothers the strength, kindness, love, and nurturing compassion from above. On her knee, You promise to enlighten her path, so others may follow Jesus Christ to Your glorious kingdom. Forgive her forContinue reading “A Card for You: A Prayer for Mother’s Day”


Hymn ¶ Verse 1 O what a blessing, how can I express it? Out of the fullness of rapture I sing, Now by the Father received and adopted, I am a child and an heir of a King. Refrain ¶ Verse 2 I am adopted, O wonderful love, Heir to a heritage purchased above; TellContinue reading “Adopted”