New Testament: Praise And Worship Scriptures

Bible Verses Most Popular Bible Verses for Praise found from the New Testament of the Bible. Meditate upon the Scripture. Memorize them. Learn them to share with others in times of need. New Testament Praise Scriptures Matthew 21:16 – And said unto him, Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; haveContinue reading “New Testament: Praise And Worship Scriptures”

A History Of Worship Music From Old Testament To Rock And Roll

Guest Article by  by Jason Chollar Modern Church Orchestration Evolution and what it means for you: too many vocalists! Quick overview: Why do we even have a band? Because the scriptures tell us to be creative (made in God’s image Gen 1) and gives us freedom to use every instrument at our disposal for HisContinue reading “A History Of Worship Music From Old Testament To Rock And Roll”

There is Joy from (Praise) the Act of Worship

Pay Tribute to the Highest God! You can not run from Praise… It’s everywhere! We love to praise the things we enjoy, because it brings us the expression of joy. For example, Readers praise their favorite book, Parent’s praise their children for having an excellent report card, Food critics praise their favorite restaurants, and SportsContinue reading “There is Joy from (Praise) the Act of Worship”