The Bible is Clear about Music

Listen, My Brother and Sister in Christ! Learn about music and the christian music industry. Here is my response to a young person on Youtube below. I thought is was important enough to share with you. Think about what it means to be a true worshipper of God versus contemporary Christian music industry of today.Continue reading “The Bible is Clear about Music”

A Brief History Of Music In Worship

Throughout its history, the Christian church has used music to proclaim the gospel and to return thanks and praise to God. The history of this musical expression teaches us a great deal not only about the culture and everyday life of earlier Christians, but also about their unique experience of and insights into the ChristianContinue reading “A Brief History Of Music In Worship”

Music in Worship

Great Discussion on the Topic of Music in Worship Self-Centeredness? Being an emotional wreck? Great entertainment? Will you say that this is being done in most modern day churches? Has music hijack our worship experience in our local church services?  Is music worship? Before you answer these questions, please watch this: This is what musicContinue reading “Music in Worship”