A Charge To Keep I Have (Hymn of Praise)

Hymn S.M. Leviticus viii.35 1 A CHARGE to keep I have, A God to glorify, A never-dying soul to save, And fit it for the sky; To serve the present age, My calling to fulfil: O may it all my powers engage To do my Master’s will! 2 Arm me with jealous care, As inContinue reading “A Charge To Keep I Have (Hymn of Praise)”

All Praise To Our Redeeming Lord

Hymn All praise to our redeeming Lord, Who joins us by His grace; And bids us, each to each restored, Together seek His face. He bids us build each other up; And, gathered into one, To our high calling’s glorious hope, We hand in hand go on. The gift which He on one bestows, WeContinue reading “All Praise To Our Redeeming Lord”