Break Forth, O Joyful Heart

Hymn Break forth, break forth, O joyful heart, And make His goodness known, Who all thy life, though undeserved, Such love to thee has shown. Refrain Break forth, break forth, O joyful heart, Break forth, no longer silent be; Break forth, break forth in grateful praise To Him Who came to ransom Thee. ’Twas JesusContinue reading “Break Forth, O Joyful Heart”

A Joyful Song Of Praise

Hymn A joyful song of praise we sing, And thankfully we gather To bless the love of God above, Our everlasting Father. Refrain: In Him rejoice with heart and voice Whose glory fadeth never, Whose providence is our defense, Who lives and loves forever. From shades of night He calls the light, And from theContinue reading “A Joyful Song Of Praise”