The Joy and Blessings of a Christian Life

Inspirational Story from Riches of Grace The pathway of life has its shadows and sunshine, its pleasures and sorrows; and in the Christian life, I am convinced, many people live in the shadow more than in the sunshine, when they could very well have it otherwise. When I was about thirteen years of age, IContinue reading “The Joy and Blessings of a Christian Life”

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord!

Can we give thanks unto our God? Yes we can! We will be thankful for God’s goodness and mercy. Amen. Let’s get started by reading Psalm 106:1: Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. This is a very simple thing to do,Continue reading “O Give Thanks Unto the Lord!”

There is Joy from (Praise) the Act of Worship

Pay Tribute to the Highest God! You can not run from Praise… It’s everywhere! We love to praise the things we enjoy, because it brings us the expression of joy. For example, Readers praise their favorite book, Parent’s praise their children for having an excellent report card, Food critics praise their favorite restaurants, and SportsContinue reading “There is Joy from (Praise) the Act of Worship”