Wallpaper: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from ilovepraiseandworship.net

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! “In the “Busy Season,” remember to give God your best praise that leads to worshipping him each day” Author: Shelena4Real Free Wallpaper Size: 1024 X 768 Web Owner Year-End Notice: Praising God for you, and that your New Year brings continuous Blessing your way. Those who praises God, seekContinue reading “Wallpaper: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from ilovepraiseandworship.net”

Happy New Years 2017

Hi True Worshipper, This is my prayer for you for this coming year: Lord God, blessed everyone who love your name; respect and honor your words and keep your commandments. You alone are worthy of our praise, glory, and majesty! You, Lord Jesus, alone are our rock and firm foundation. You alone are our highContinue reading “Happy New Years 2017”