Do you know how the children of Israel worshipped?

Bible References Have you wonder about Israel Worshipped during Biblical Times? Praise is an important part of worship for every true worshipper according to John 4:24 which said to express it “in spirit and in truth.” Your understanding mixed with faith in God’s word, you can have a genuine worship experience. Here is a quickContinue reading “Do you know how the children of Israel worshipped?”

10 Worship Guidelines From the Early Church

ELEMENTS OF THE FIRST CENTURY CHURCH GATHERING Renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Lee McDonald offers us a brief rundown of what worship looked like in the early church, so we can learn from our first-century brothers and sisters. 1. Worship Involves Sacrifice In New Testament times, worship consisted initially of sacrifice (of animals). However, theContinue reading “10 Worship Guidelines From the Early Church”

A Brief Outline In The History Of Worship

In connection with the doctrine that we are now to worship more manifestly than ever God in spirit and in truth. It appears from Scripture that worship before the flood was of the very simplest form. The outward ordinances were very few; the chief of them being the offering of sacrifice. This was probably institutedContinue reading “A Brief Outline In The History Of Worship”

A History Of Worship Music From Old Testament To Rock And Roll

Guest Article by  by Jason Chollar Modern Church Orchestration Evolution and what it means for you: too many vocalists! Quick overview: Why do we even have a band? Because the scriptures tell us to be creative (made in God’s image Gen 1) and gives us freedom to use every instrument at our disposal for HisContinue reading “A History Of Worship Music From Old Testament To Rock And Roll”