Victory Over Spiritual Conflict

Among the spiritually significant stories of the Old Testament, there are none that contain deeper teaching for the individual overcomer and the whole militant Church of Christ than those of the outflow from the smitten rock and the ensuing battle with Amalek, recorded in the seventeenth chapter of the Book of Exodus. “The Lord saidContinue reading “Victory Over Spiritual Conflict”

Worship 101: Recovering The Priority Of God

God is the first priority of the church. Not people. Not ministry. Not growth. Not success. God and God alone occupies the place of ultimate and absolute priority in the church. However, this biblical ideal does not receive much attention in the highly people-centered, growth-dominated, success-oriented American church of today. From our preaching, our writing,Continue reading “Worship 101: Recovering The Priority Of God”

10 Worship Guidelines From the Early Church

ELEMENTS OF THE FIRST CENTURY CHURCH GATHERING Renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Lee McDonald offers us a brief rundown of what worship looked like in the early church, so we can learn from our first-century brothers and sisters. 1. Worship Involves Sacrifice In New Testament times, worship consisted initially of sacrifice (of animals). However, theContinue reading “10 Worship Guidelines From the Early Church”

False Worship

Originally posted on Pure Glory:
by Apostle Gabriel Cross False Worship – worshiping your leader, in lieu of God the Father. Performing, trying to please the crowd or work the audience, entertaining the people, instead of listening to God, following his lead, and entertaining the King. When the devil can predict your song list, it’s…