Why We Worship God Poem by Bob Gotti

Poetry The reason why we worship God, all across the lands we trod, Are found in God’s Only Son, and for all us, what He has done. Above all, Christ is our Creator, not to mention, He’s our Savior. And everything in our life, is sustained by our Lord Jesus Christ. We partake of anContinue reading “Why We Worship God Poem by Bob Gotti”

God Made Man to Worship – A.W. Tozer Audio Sermon

Worship Sermon God Made Man to Worship by A.W. Tozer Audio Sermon God is seeking his stop worshipper.  Tozer will show you how we should worship God? Copy & Share Video URL Link: [ https://youtu.be/v7HpX_1PhtM ] Scriptures to Read Psalm 45:11 “So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thouContinue reading “God Made Man to Worship – A.W. Tozer Audio Sermon”

Praise The Lord, Will you join in?

Praise is good and fitting for the righteous. Daily there are millions of followers of Jesus Christ who will do as the bible scriptures shares with us  at least this many times: “Seven times a day do I praise thee, because of thy righteous ordinances.” -Psalm 119:164 Will you stop at least 7 times eachContinue reading “Praise The Lord, Will you join in?”