Idols: People can Worship false gods Quote by Dr. Claude Mariottini

Worship Quote #idolatry “The idolatrous practices of the people of ancient Israel is a vivid reminder that people can worship false gods, but those who worship those worthless things become worthless themselves. As Yahweh spoke through the prophet Jeremiah: “What fault did your ancestors find in me, that they strayed so far from me? TheyContinue reading “Idols: People can Worship false gods Quote by Dr. Claude Mariottini”

Most Who Attend Church Are Not Worshipping God

Most who attend church are not worshiping God, they are simply going through the motions. But what is genuine worship? Worship is a combination of attitude and acts focused on reverence to God. The Hebrew meaning denotes a “bowing down, or prostrating oneself;” it is a posture reflecting homage and reverence toward the one trueContinue reading “Most Who Attend Church Are Not Worshipping God”

The World Worships False Gods

Since we have a political correctness with justification for bad actions; meaning I would like to have my own way. If I cannot get my way, I will have an tantrum like a child. Moral laws were generally the rule of thumb (ie Golden Rule of Matthew 7:12). It was a law of reciprocity, respect,Continue reading “The World Worships False Gods”