Won By A Smile

Child Stories In London, in 1872, one Sunday morning a minister said to me, “I want you to notice that family there in one of the front seats, and when we go home I want to tell you their story.” When we got home I asked him for the story, and he said, “All thatContinue reading “Won By A Smile”

Illustration: The Scotch “Draw the Bible” on False Doctrine.

Sermon Illustration Unfaithfulness There is no place I have ever been in where people so thoroughly understand their Bibles as in Scotland. Why, little boys could quote Scripture and take me up on a text. They have the whole nation just educated, as it were, with the Word of God. Infidelity cannot come there. AContinue reading “Illustration: The Scotch “Draw the Bible” on False Doctrine.”

This Month Praise and Worship Movie

Movies for Your Learning Did you enjoy last month’s movie on Charles Spurgeon? He is named the Prince of Preachers today; who taught with much passion about the Word of God. Spurgeon’s hope was to spread the gospel with great doctrinal truth to the conviction of  the heart. This Month Movie is…. The Amazing True Story ofContinue reading “This Month Praise and Worship Movie”