A Brief Outline In The History Of Worship

In connection with the doctrine that we are now to worship more manifestly than ever God in spirit and in truth. It appears from Scripture that worship before the flood was of the very simplest form. The outward ordinances were very few; the chief of them being the offering of sacrifice. This was probably institutedContinue reading “A Brief Outline In The History Of Worship”

Stories Behind The Hymn: It Is Well With My Soul

It Is Well With My Soul has been hailed as the “Peaceful and Trusting Anthem of Christendom.” It was written in 1873 by Horatio Spafford (1828-1888) The music was composed by Philip Bliss (1838-1876).  First published in Gospel Songs No. 2 by Sankey and Bliss (1876), it is possibly the most influential and enduring in theContinue reading “Stories Behind The Hymn: It Is Well With My Soul”

Are You Happy In The Lord?

Hymn Are you happy in the Lord, Tell it out with gladness; Are you trusting in His Word, Tell it out with gladness; If a Savior’s love you feel, Can your soul its power conceal? To the world your joy reveal, Tell it out with gladness. Refrain Tell it out, tell it out with gladness,Continue reading “Are You Happy In The Lord?”

Count It All Joy

This is a great day to get into the Word of God, and relax and think about this sermon. Go and get your bible, pad, and pen. Take some good notes, and then apply them to your life. One Word from God can change your life forever. Are you ready? Count It All Joy byContinue reading “Count It All Joy”