Do You Play Hide-And-Seek In Worship?

As a child, if I broke a rule while my parents were out of the house, they would return home to find me doing extra chores. My kid logic went something like this: if my parents see the newly empty dishwasher, they might not notice the newly empty cookie jar. Not surprisingly, my sleight-of-hand typicallyContinue reading “Do You Play Hide-And-Seek In Worship?”

Victory Over Spiritual Conflict

Among the spiritually significant stories of the Old Testament, there are none that contain deeper teaching for the individual overcomer and the whole militant Church of Christ than those of the outflow from the smitten rock and the ensuing battle with Amalek, recorded in the seventeenth chapter of the Book of Exodus. “The Lord saidContinue reading “Victory Over Spiritual Conflict”

Worship 101: Recovering The Priority Of God

God is the first priority of the church. Not people. Not ministry. Not growth. Not success. God and God alone occupies the place of ultimate and absolute priority in the church. However, this biblical ideal does not receive much attention in the highly people-centered, growth-dominated, success-oriented American church of today. From our preaching, our writing,Continue reading “Worship 101: Recovering The Priority Of God”

Won By A Smile

Child Stories In London, in 1872, one Sunday morning a minister said to me, “I want you to notice that family there in one of the front seats, and when we go home I want to tell you their story.” When we got home I asked him for the story, and he said, “All thatContinue reading “Won By A Smile”