Worship Color: GREEN

Symbolism Of Colors Founded in Worship or Worship Service Today’s Color is Green Precious Stones or Gems: Chrysoprase (chalcedony), Emerald (beryl), Jasper, Green Opal, Green Peridot (chrysolite) The color green is used on Banners, Flags, Streamer, Tabrets, Tassels, and Praise Shield, or Hoop. In a lot of sanctuaries, you can find the color green as aContinue reading “Worship Color: GREEN”

Examining The Corporate Use Of Songs In Worship Service

How do you choose Songs for Worship?  Dr. Jim Altizer, Teacher & Speaker “Ultimately we must judge worship services by their content not by their style” – Bob Webber Worship Leaders, Questions to Consider Asking Yourself about Choosing Songs for Your local Worship Service: Is it a corporate or individuals  expression? What is the toneContinue reading “Examining The Corporate Use Of Songs In Worship Service”