Evaluate Praise And Worship Songs In Corporate Worship

Is it possible to know the differences in what type of praise and worship songs is used in any corporate worship service? Yes there is… You need to understand that praise and worship is NOT music, but they are words to help with understanding how to acceptably worship God, Elohim. Hear is a quick lessonContinue reading “Evaluate Praise And Worship Songs In Corporate Worship”

Examining The Corporate Use Of Songs In Worship Service

How do you choose Songs for Worship?  Dr. Jim Altizer, Teacher & Speaker “Ultimately we must judge worship services by their content not by their style” – Bob Webber Worship Leaders, Questions to Consider Asking Yourself about Choosing Songs for Your local Worship Service: Is it a corporate or individuals  expression? What is the toneContinue reading “Examining The Corporate Use Of Songs In Worship Service”