Quick Answer: How Would I Know When I’m Worshipping?

Quick Answers are the Most Asked Questions about Praise and Worship with the shortest reply and references to the King James Scriptures. Today’s question is “How Would I Know When I’m Worshipping?”

Playing Church? Or Worship?

“Come, let’s worship him and bow down. Let’s kneel before the LORD who made us, because he is our God and we are the people he takes care of and the sheep that he tends.” – Psalm 95: 6-7, NCV When I was a little girl, I loved to play church with my friends. WeContinue reading “Playing Church? Or Worship?”

Heart Issues? Learn to Praise the Lord

(I’m not talking about physical symptoms, but spiritual symptoms) Are you still having heart issues? Need some encouragement in this area of praise? It is strongly recommended that you purchase some books on this topic. Read them, and look up their references for yourself. I do not agree with everything written in the books, butContinue reading “Heart Issues? Learn to Praise the Lord”