Won By A Smile

Child Stories In London, in 1872, one Sunday morning a minister said to me, “I want you to notice that family there in one of the front seats, and when we go home I want to tell you their story.” When we got home I asked him for the story, and he said, “All thatContinue reading “Won By A Smile”

Faith is that Hope

Praise the Lord for Strong Faith, Faith that Endures, Endures to the End! New Page – Added to Site as of September 23, 2016 Praise and Worship Bible Study: Topic: FAITH  –http://wp.me/P7mCRP-3xD If you subscribe to my Facebook or Twitter, you will get NEW information on the same day, and not 3-15 days later. Subscribe toContinue reading “Faith is that Hope”

Illustration: Comparing Peace with God with a Smartphone

Sermon Illustration GRACE One of Stephan Pastis’ “Pearls Before Swine” comic strips shows a mouse with his cell phone. Up comes the words “Clear Recent Calls,” and the mouse deletes them. Then comes “Delete Chat History,” and that too is deleted. Next up comes, “Clear Browser History,” and the mouse clears it. Still on theContinue reading “Illustration: Comparing Peace with God with a Smartphone”