Study: Hallelouia, Praise Ye The Lord

Hallelouia is the Greek translation for the English word Praise Ye The Lord Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! You have heard many people express these words before, at church or some other christian event, and don’t know the definition, origin, or usage meaning. Below I have given you the help to get you started on yourContinue reading “Study: Hallelouia, Praise Ye The Lord”

Is The Word ‘Hallelujah’ Found In The Bible?

No, you will not found hallelujah in the Holy Bible, however you will find two part word phrase: Hallelu and Jah, used together to make this one English expression found from the 4th century. Also spelled alleluia from the Latin Vulgate. Hallelujah is known from every language, when describing Lord God Almighty.   Hallelu originsContinue reading “Is The Word ‘Hallelujah’ Found In The Bible?”