This is not an exhausted completed listing, but these words are here for your learning.


Definition: to rejoice, to exult, to jump for joy in praise to the Lord

Scriptures: Psalm 28: 7, Psalm 68:4, Psalm 98:4

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 5937


Definition: to  kneel down, to bless God as an act of adoration

Scriptures: Psalm 34:1, Psalm 95:6, 1 Chronicles 29:20

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 1288


Definition: to cause to be large , increase in estate, become, honor, or pride, advance, boast, bring up, exceed, lift up, magnify, promote, speak out proudly about God

Scriptures: Psalm 34:3, Psalm 69:30, Psalm 70:4

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 1431


Definition: to spin around, under the influence of any violent emotion

Scriptures: Psalm 32:11, Psalm 35:9, Psalm 118:24, Proverb 23:24,25

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 1523


Definition: to celebrate, or act clamorously foolish in your praise

Scriptures: Psalm 113:1-3, Psalm 150:1, Psalm 149:3

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance:1984b


Definition: to dance, whirl; dancing

Scriptures: 2 Samuel 6:14, 2 Samuel 6:16

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 3769


Definition: a round dance, dancing

Scriptures: Psalm 30:1, Psalm 149:3, Psalm 150:4, Jeremiah 31:13, Lamentations 5:15

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance:4234


Definition: to give your best shout like a trumpet ie. Glory! Hallelujah!; to blow an alarm with a joyful noise or battle-cry

Scriptures: Psalm 47:1, Psalm 65:13, Joshua 6:20

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 7321


Definition: to brighten up, cheer up, make glad or merry

Scriptures: Psalm 31:7, Psalm 48:11, Psalm 105:3

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 8055


Definition: to shout, to address in a loud tone glorifying the Lord

Scriptures:  Psalm 47:1, Psalm 145:4, Isaiah 12:6

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 7623b


Word Origin: Aramaic  (to shabach)

Definition: to adore, praise, to adulate

Scriptures: Daniel 2:23, Daniel 4:34

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 7624


Definition: to thrust; to clap hand in applaud rejoicing ie singing and clapping together

Scriptures: Psalm 47:1, Psalm 98:8

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 8628


Definition: to sing a new song unto the Lord, also in the gift of tongues as well.

Scriptures: Psalm 22:3, Psalm 33:1, Isaiah 61:3

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 8416


Definition: an acclamation of joy or a battle cry, clangor of trumpets

Scripture: Psalm 27:6

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 8643


Definition: to lift our hands for future things that are unseen; thanksgiving

Scriptures: Psalm 50:14, Psalm 50:23

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 8426


Definition: to willfully throw your hands up to praise with power

Scriptures: Psalm 63:1, Psalm 107:15, 2 Chronicles 20:21

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 3027


Word Origin: Aramaic (to yadah)

Definition: to praise with power; to give thanks

Scriptures: Daniel 6:10

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 3029


Definition: to sing, to praise; a musical word which is largely involved with joyful expressions of music with instruments

Scriptures: Psalm 21:13, Psalm 57:8-9, 1 Chronicles 16:9

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 2167


Definition: instrumental music; by implicated praise song

Scriptures: Exodus 15:2, Psalm 118:4, Isaiah 12.2

Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 2176


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