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Thanks for wanting to study with me and other contributors, here at ILovePraiseAndWorship.Net. If you would like to be apart, write for us.

2 Timothy 2:15 shares this truth with us, “Study to Show Yourself Approved Unto God.” This is our heart as Believers, and I hope that it will continue until you and I are called home to be with Him. Until then, let study so we will never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – and this great topic of praise and worship. Below you will find a list of topics on this site for your studies. Just click on the underline word link to enter into that word topic area of study.

Please let me know how things are going with your studies, also share your story on becoming a true worshipper for the Lord and organizing a true worshippers group in your home or community! There will be future bible study topics added, so stay informed.

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