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Hebrew English translation is polchan

This is not an exhausted completed listing, but these words are here for your learning.

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Original Word: פָּלְחָן
Word Origin:  from pelach
Definition: service, worship
Scriptures: Ezra 7:19
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 6402


Original Word: סְגִד
Word Origin:  from Sagad
Definition: to do homage by prostration
Scriptures: Daniel 2:46
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 5457


Original Word: סָגַד
Definition: to bow down, fall down, falls down to prostrate oneself in worship
Scriptures: Isaiah 44:15, Isaiah 44:17, Isaiah 46:6
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 5456


Original Word: נְפַל
Word Origin:  from Naphal
Definition: to fall, fall down, fell, fell down, have occasion
Scriptures: Daniel 2:46, Daniel 3:5-7, Daniel 3:10-11, Daniel 3:23, Daniel 4:31
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 5308


Original Word: פְּלַח
Word Origin:  from Palach
Definition: to pay reverence to, serve or worship
Scriptures: Daniel 3:18, Daniel 3:28, Daniel 7:27
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 6399

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Original Word: קָטַר
Definition: to make sacrifices smoke, to burn, ie incense, send up smoke as sacrifice
Scriptures: Exodus 29:18, Exodus 29:25, Exodus 30:7, Exodus 30:20, Exodus 40:27
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 6999


Original Word: שָׁחָה
Definition: to bow down and worship, prostrating, down in homage
Scriptures: Genesis 18:2, Genesis 22:5, Genesis 23:12, Genesis 24:48, Genesis 24:52, Exodus 4:31, Exodus 11:8
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 7812


Original Word: זְמָרָא
Word Origin: (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to Zamar; instrumental music – musick
Definition: music expressed worship
Scriptures: Daniel 3:5, Daniel 3:7, Daniel 3:10, Daniel 3:15
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 2170


Original Word: בָּמָה
Definition: places, high place, as places of worship, ie hills or mountains to worship
Scriptures: Leviticus 26:30, Numbers 33:52, Deuteronomy 32:13, 1 Samuel 9:25, 1 Samuel 10:5, 1 King 3:2-4, 1 King 12:32, 1 King 13:2
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 1116

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