Greek Words for Love

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ἀγάπη, ης, ἡ

Greek English Translation is agape

This is not an exhausted completed listing, but these words are here for your learning.

Agapaó: To Love

Original Word: ἀγαπάω
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-ap-ah’-o)
Definition: I love, wish well to, take pleasure in, long for; denotes the love of reason, esteem.
Scriptures: There are 1143 scriptures, but here are a few: Matthew 5:43-44, Matthew 5:46, Matthew 6:24, Matthew 19:19, Matthew 22:37, Matthew 22:39, Mark 10:21, Mark 12:30-31, Mark 12:33, Luke 6:27, Luke 6:32.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 25

Agapé: Love, Goodwill

Original Word: ἀγάπη, ης, ἡ
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-ah’-pay)
Definition: love, benevolence, good will, esteem; plur: love-feasts.
Scriptures: There are 116 scriptures, but here are a few: Matthew 24:12, Luke 11:42, John 5:42, John 13:35, John 15:9-10, John 15:13, John 17:26, Romans 5:5, Romans 5:8, Romans 8:35. Romans 8:39, Romans 12:9, Romans 13:10.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 26

Philadelphia: The Love of Brothers

Original Word: φιλαδελφία, ας, ἡ
Phonetic Spelling: (fil-ad-el-fee’-ah)
Definition: love, brotherly love, love of Christian brethren.
Scriptures: There are 6 scriptures, and here they are: 1 Thessalonians 4:9, Hebrews 13:1, 1 Peter 1:22, 2 Peter 1:7.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 5360

Philanthrópia: Kindness

Original Word: φιλανθρωπία, ας, ἡ
Phonetic Spelling: (fil-an-thro-pee’-ah)
Definition:  a person who warmly loves others, treating them with the respect (benevolence) that befits each one being created in the image of God.
Scriptures: There are 2 scriptures, and here they are: Acts 28:2, Titus 3:4.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 5363

Philarguria: Love of Money

Original Word: φιλαργυρία, ας, ἡ
Phonetic Spelling: (fil-ar-goo-ree’-ah)
Definition: love of money, avarice, covetousness.
Scriptures: There are 1 scripture, and here it is: 1 Timothy 6:10 .
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 5365

Phileó: To Love

Original Word: φιλέω
Phonetic Spelling: (fil-eh’-o)
Definition: I love (of friendship), regard with affection, cherish; I kiss.
Scriptures: There are 6 scriptures, and here they are: Matthew 6:5, Matthew 10:37, Matthew 23:6, Matthew 26:48, Mark 14:44, Luke 20:46, Luke 22:47.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 5368

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