Greek Words for Goodness

This is not an exhausted completed listing, but these words are here for your learning.

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Original Word: ἀγαθωσύνη, ης, ἡ
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-ath-o-soo’-nay)
Definition: intrinsic goodness, especially as a personal quality, with stress on the kindly (rather than the righteous) side of goodness.
Scriptures: There are 4 occurrences and here are they: Romans 15:14, Galatians 5:22, Ephesians 5:9, 2 Thessalonians 1:11.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 19

Chréstotés: goodness, excellence, uprightness

Original Word: χρηστότης, τητος, ἡ
Phonetic Spelling: (khray-stot’-ace)
Definition: moralgoodness, uprightness, kindness, gentleness. xrēstótēs (a noun, derived from 5543 /xrēstós, “useful, profitable”) – properly, useable, i.e. well-fit for use (for what is really needed); kindness that is also serviceable.
Scripture: There are 10 occurrences and here are a few: Romans 2:4, Romans 3:12, Romans 11:22, 2 Corinthians 6:6, Galatians 5:22, Ephesians 2:7.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 5544

Areté: moral goodness, i.e. virtue

Original Word: ἀρετή, ῆς, ἡ
Phonetic Spelling: (ar-et’-ay)
Definition: virtue, moral excellence, perfection, goodness, a gracious act, virtue, uprightness.
Scriptures: There are 4 occurrences and here are they: Philippians 4:8, 1 Peter 2:9, 2 Peter 1:3, 2 Peter 1:5.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 703

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Agathos: good

Original Word: ἀγαθός, ή, όν
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-ath-os’)
Definition: intrinsically good, good in nature, good whether it be seen to be so or not, the widest and most colorless of all words with this meaning.
Scriptures: There are 101 occurrences and here are a few: Matthew 5:45, Matthew 7:11, Matthew 7:17-18, Matthew 12:34-35, Matthew 19:16-17, Luke 1:53, Luke 6:45.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 18

Kalos: beautiful, good

Original Word: καλός, ή, όν
Phonetic Spelling: (kal-os’)
Definition:  beautiful, as an outward sign of the inward good, noble, honorable character; good, worthy, honorable, noble, and seen to be so.
Scriptures: There are 101 occurrences and here are a few: Matthew 3:10, Matthew 5:16-19, Matthew 12:33, Matthew 13:8, Matthew 13:23-24, Mark 4:8, Mark 4:20, Mark 7:27.
Strong’s Greek Concordance: 2570

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