Hebrew Words for GIVING

This is not an exhausted completed listing, but these words are here for your learning.

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Hanachah: a giving of rest

Original Word: הֲנָחָה
Phonetic Spelling: (han-aw-khaw’)
Definition: holiday, a giving a rest
Scriptures: There are 1 occurrences and here it is: Esther 2:18
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 2010

Peliliyyah: the giving of a decision

Original Word: פְּלִילִיָּה
Phonetic Spelling: (pel-ee-lee-yaw’)
Definition: judgment, the giving of a decision
Scriptures: There are 1 occurrences and here it is: Isaiah 28:7
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 6417

Nathan: to give

Original Word: נָתַן
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-than’)
Definition: give, put, set
Scriptures: There are 2011 occurrences and here are a few: Genesis 1:17, Genesis 9:2-3,  Genesis 16:5, Genesis 17:5-6, Exodus 3:19, Exodus 12:25, Leviticus 6:17, Leviticus 10:14.
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 5414

Mappach: a breathing out

Original Word: מַפַּח
Phonetic Spelling: (map-pawkh’)
Definition: last, a breathing out (of life), i.e. Expiring — giving up.
Scriptures: There are 1 occurrences and here it is: Job 11:20
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 4646

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Yadah: to throw, cast

Original Word: יָדָה
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-daw’)
Definition: thanks
Scriptures: There are 114 occurrences and here are a few: Ezra 3:11, 1 Chronicles 25:3, 1 Chronicles 23:30, 2 Chronicles 5:13.
Strong’s Hebrew Concordance: 3034


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