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Looking for Some Great Praise and Worship Books?

This is not an exhaustive  listing of praise and worship books, and the listing is in random order by title and year. If you would like to add to this book listing, click here with new information. Thanks for help, and Your Book Review is appreciated!


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  1. Holy Roar: 7 Words That Will Change The Way You Worship by Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead
  2. Honest Worship: From False Self to True Praise by Manuel Luz
  3. A Real Desire To Praise God: 30 Days of Coaching Your Heart to Genuine Worship by Shelena Griffiths


  1. Sing!: How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church by Keith Getty and Kristyn Getty
  2. Worship: The Reason We Were Created – Collected Insights from A. W. Tozer by A. W. Tozer
  3. People of His Presence: Foundational Studies in Praise and Worship by Benjamin Brown
  4. Warrior Poets of the 21st Century: A Biblical and Personal Journey in Worship by Robin Mark
  5. The Presence of God: Discovering God’s Ways Through Intimacy With Him by R.T. Kendall


  1. The Practice Of The Presence Of God by Brother Lawrence
  2. Victorious Living Through Praise and Worship by Victor Morgan
  3. A Heart of Worship: Experience a Rebirth of Worship by LaMar Boschman


  1. How To Worship a King: Prepare Your Heart. Prepare Your World. Prepare The Way by Zach Neese
  2. True Worshipers: Seeking What Matters to God by Bob Kauflin
  3. The Fire of His Holiness: Prepare Yourself to Enter God’s Presence by Sergio Scataglini
  4. The Pursuit of God (Updated, Annotated) by A.W. Tozer
  5. The Power of Praise The Glory of Worship: A Praise and Worship Handbook by Sharon D. Jackson
  6. Personal Prayer Praise in Worship by Marcelle Hinkson
  7. Instruments of Praise & Acts of Worship by Temi Peters
  8. Real Men Worship by LaMar Boschman


  1. Worshipping Through John: A Devotional for Praise Teams 1st Edition by Aaron Reimer
  2. Restoring The Heart of Worship by Benjamin Sealey
  3. Entering Into Praise And Worship: The Power In Praise, the secret of True Worship, and the mystery of Music by Kofi A Thompson
  4. Experiential Worship: Encountering God with Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength by Bob Rognlien
  5. Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology in Worship by David Peterson
  6. Praise Habit: Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi by David Crowder
  7. Holy Fire: A Balanced, Biblical Look at the Holy Spirit’s Work in Our Lives by R.T. Kendall


  1. A Hunger For God (Redesign): Desiring God through Fasting and Prayer by John Piper
  2. Powerful Praise – Worthy Worship by Shiela Y. Harris and Ted Harris
  3. Weapons of Praise and Worship by Abimbola Salu
  4. How to Worship Jesus Christ by Joseph S. Carroll
  5. Levite Praise: God’s Biblical Design for Praise and Worship by Cheryl Wilson-Bridges
  6. Facedown by Matt Redman and Beth Redman
  7. Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship by John F. MacArthur


  1. Worship: The Ultimate Priority by John F. MacArthur Jr
  2. Intercessory Worship: Combining Worship and Prayer to Touch the Heart of God by  Dick Eastman
  3. Praise Avenue by Don Gossett


  1. Worship on Earth as It Is in Heaven: Exploring Worship as a Spiritual Discipline by  Rory Noland
  2. Prayer, Praise, and Worship: A Moment, an Experience, a Lifestyle by Adriane P. O’Neal
  3. Seven Steps To Joy Through Praise And Worship! by Charles Lamka
  4. Ushering in This Coming Move of God Through Praise and Worship by Rhoda Muganda
  5. Praise and Worship with Flags: Waging Spiritual Warfare in the Church and Home by Delores Hillsman Harris


  1. Worship: More Than a Song by Norvel Hayes
  2. Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous by Timothy Moore
  3. Introduction to Christian Worship Third Editon Revised and Expanded by James F. White
  4. The Sacrifice of Praise: Stories Behind the Greatest Praise and Worship Songs of All Time by Lindsay Terry


  1. We Become What We Worship: A Biblical Theology of Idolatry by G.K. Bealer
  2. Unceasing Worship: Bible Perspectives on Worship and the Arts by Harold M. Best
  3. Worship God by Watchman Nee


  1. Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God by Bob Kauflin and Paul Baloche
  2. The Power of Praise and Worship by Terry Law and Jim Gilbert
  3. They Could Not Stop the Music by Ron Owens
  4. A Brief History of Christian Worship by James F. White
  5. Emerging Worship: Becoming Apart of the Sound and Song in Heaven by Roland Worton


  1. The Priority of Praise & Worship: Learning to Give Back to God by Ron Kenoly
  2. Entering the Presence of God: Moving Beyond Praise and Thanksgiving to True Worship by Derek Prince
  3. The Reward of Worship: The Joy of Fellowship with a Personal God by Jack Hayford


  1. Poems of Praise, Love & Worship: For The Hungry Heart by Brian Horan
  2. Poems of Praise and Worship by Shane Anders
  3. Romancing Your Creator: A Guide to Intimate Personal Worship by Angela Keeton
  4. The Worship Answer Book by Rick Muchow
  5. A Taste of Heaven: Worship in the Light of Eternity by R.C. Sproul
  6. Let Us Praise/Let Us Worship: Two Books Within One Cover! by Judson Cornwall
  7. Tozer on Worship and Entertainment by A.W. Tozer


  1. Living In Praise: Worshipping And Knowing God by David F. Ford
  2. The Heart Of Praise: Worship After God’s Own Heart by Jack Hayford
  3. Inside Out Worship: Insights for Passionate and Purposeful Worship by Matt Redman


  1. Following the River: A Vision for Corporate Worship by Bob Sorge
  2. My Heart’s Desire: Living Every Moments in the Wonders of Worship by David Jeremiah
  3. Extravagant Worship: Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty Who Was and Is, and Is to Come by Darlene Zcshech



  1. Worship by the Book by R. Kent Hughes, Timothy J. Keller,  and Mark Ashton
  2. Volume 6: Romancing the Throne: Praise and Worship Born in Heaven by Larry Arthur Trammell


  1. The Unquenchable Worshipper: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship (The Worship Series) by Matt Redman
  2. There’s Dynamite in Praise: How to get your Prayers answered and then some! by Don Gossett


  1. The Purpose and Power of Praise & Worship by Myles Munroe
  2. Explaining Worship by Jack Hayford
  3. Worship is a Verb: Eight principles for Transforming Worship by Robert E. Webber
  4. Real Worship: Playground, Battleground, or Holy Ground by Warren Wiersbe


  1. Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship by Derek Prince and Ruth Prince (1996)
  2. How to Enter the Presence of God by Terry Law (1994)
  3. Return to Worship: A God-Centered Approach by Ron Owen and Jan McMurray (1999)
  4. The Complete Library of Christian Worship by Robert E. Webber (1994)
  5. Enter His Courts with Praise!: Old Testament Worship for the New Testament Church by Andrew E. Hill (1997)
  6. In Spirit and in Truth: The Power of New Testament Praise and Worship by Raygene Wilson (1997)
  7. Future Worship: How a Changing World can Enter God’s Presence in the New Millennium by LaMar Boschman
  8. Dealing with Rejection and Praise of Men by Bob Sorge (1999)
  9. Worship: The Missing Jewel by A.W. Tozer (1992)
  10. Worship Evangelism by Sally Morgenthaler (1995)
  11. Praise the Password to Blessing by Don Gossett (1992)
  12. Worship: The Pattern of Things in Heaven by Joseph L. Garlington (1997)
  13. Praise, the Ultimate Experience : Worship, The Ultimate Relationship by Ron Parsley and Clint Brown (1995)
  14. A Passion for His Presence by LaMar Boschman (1992)
  15. Praise and Worship: Becoming Worshipers of God by A.L. Gill and Joyce Gill (1995)


  1. Whatever Happened to Worship? A Call to True Worship by A. W. Tozer and Gerald B. Smith 1985
  2. Exploring Worship: A Practical Guide to Praise and Worship by Bob Sorge (1987)
  3. Come And Worship: Tap Into God’s Power Through Praise And Worship by Ed Lindquist and Michael Coleman (1989)
  4. Worship by Graham Kendrick (1984)
  5. Rebirth of Music by LaMar Boschman (1988)


  1. The Knowledge of the Holy: The Attributes of God, their meaning in the Christian life by A. W. Tozer (1961)
  2. The Power of Praise by Don Gossett (1976)
  3. Gladness: Key to Anointed Living by Don Gossett
  4. Worshipping God: Rediscovering The Full Dimension Of Worship by R.T. Kendall
  5. Let Us Praise by E. Judson Cornwall (1973)
  6. Worship Old and New by Robert E. Webber
  7. True Worship by John F. MacArthur Jr
  8. The Worship God is Seeking by Davis Ruis
  9. Worship His Majesty by Jack Hayford
  10. Worship that Draws Near by Watchman Nee
  11. The Beginner’s Guide to Praise and Worship by Gary Kinnaman
  12. Worship: Adoration and Action by D.A. Carson
  13. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
  14. To Know You More by Andy Park
  15. Holding Nothing Back by Tim Hughes
  16. How Would Jesus Lead Worship? by Sam and Sara Hargreave
  17. Desiring God by John Piper
  18. People in the Presence of God by Barry Liesch
  19. The Air I Breathe by Louie Giglio
  20. The Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland
  21. Praise, Worship,and the Presence of God; A better Way to Worship: A New Covenant Perspective of Modern Praise and Worship by Stephen R. Crosby
  22. True Praise and Worship by Bishop Edward M. Chandler
  23. The Attributes of Praise And Worship (Devotional) by Jae King

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