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Admire (ad•mire) verb ad•mired; ad•mir•ing [Middle French admirer, from Latin admirari, from ad– to + mirari to wonder] : to regard with high esteem -admiration n -admirer n -admiringly adv

Adore (a•dor) verb adored; adoring [Middle English adouren, from Middle French adorer, from Latin adorare, from ad- to + orare to speak, pray] 1: WORSHIP 2: to regard with loving admiration 3: to be extremely fond of -adoration n

Assembly (as•sem•ble) noun plural -bilities 1: a gathering of persons: MEETING 2 cap : a legislative body; esp. the lower house of legislature 3: a signal for troops to assemble 4: the fitting together of parts (as of a machine).

Atonement (a•ton•ment) noun 1: the reconciliation of God and man through the death of Jesus Christ 2: reparation for an offense: SATISFACTION

Being (be•in) noun 1: EXISTENCE; also : LIFE 2: the qualities or constitution of an existent thing 3: a living thing; esp. : PERSON

Belief (be•lef) noun 1: CONFIDENCE, TRUST 2: something (as a tenet or creed) believed syn conviction, opinion, persuasion, sentiment

Believe (be•lev) verb be•lieved; be•liev•ing 1: to have religious convictions 2: to have a firm conviction about something : accept as true 3: to hold as an opinion: SUPPOSE –be•liev•able adj be•liev•er n

Bless (bles) verb blessed also blest; blessing [Middle English, from Old English bletsian, from blod blood; from the use of blood in conversation] 1: to consecrate by religious rite or word 2: to sancify with the sign of the cross 3: to invoke divine care for 4: PRAISE, GLORIFY 5: to confer happiness upon

Blessed (ble•sed) also blest adjective 1: HOLY 2: BEATIFIED 3: DELIGHTFUL -bless•ed•ly adv -bless•ed•ness n

Blessing (bles•in) noun 1: the act or words of one who blesses; also : APPROVAL 2: a thing conducive to happiness 3: grace said at a meal

Church (ch•urch) noun [Old English, cirice, ultim. from Late Greek kyriakon, from Greek, neut. of kyriakos of the lord, from kyrios lord, master] 1: a building esp. Christian public worship 2: the whole body of Christians 3: DENOMINATION 4: CONGREGATION 5: public divine worship

Church-goer (ch•urch-go•er) noun : one who habitually attends church

Cross (kros) noun 1: a structure consisting of an upright beam and a crossbar used esp. by the ancient Romans for execution. 2: a figure of the cross on which Christ was crucified used as a Christian symbol 3: a hybridizing of unlike individuals or strains; also : a product of this 4: a punch delivered with a circular motion over an opponent’s lead  verb 1: to lie or place across; also INTERSECT 2: to cancel by marking a cross on or by lining through 3: THWART, OBSTRUCT 4: to go or extend across : TRAVERSE 5: HYBRIDIZE 6: to meet and pass on the way adjective 1: lying across 2: CONTRARY, OPPOSED 3: marked by bad temper 4: HYBRID -cross•ly adv

Cult (kult) noun 1: formal religious veneration 2: a religious system; also : its adherents 3: faddish devotion; also : a group of persons showing such devotion -cult•ist n

Dance (dans) verb danced; danc•ing 1: to glide, step, or move through a set series of movement usually to music 2: to move quickly up and down or about 3: to perform or take part in as a dancer -dancer n noun 1: an act or instance of dancing 2: a social gathering for dancing 3: a piece of music (as a waltz) by which dancing may be guided 4
: the art of dancing

Deceive (di•sev) verb de•ceived; de•ceiv•ing 1: to cause to believe an untruth 2: to use or pratice deceit syn beguile, betray, delude, mislead -de•ceiv•er n

Glorify (glo•ri•fi) verb -fied; -fy•ing 1: to raise to heavenly glory 2: to light up brilliantly 3: EXTOL 4: to give glory to (as in worship) – glo•ri•fi•ca•tion n

Glorious (glor•i•ous) adjective 1: possessing or deserving glory : PRAISEWORTHY 2: conferring glory 3: RESPLENDENT, MAGNIFICENT 4: DELIGHTFUL, WONDERFUL – glo•ri•ous•ly adv

Glory (glor•e) noun plural 1: RENOWN 2: honor and praise rendered in worship 3: something that securces praise or renown 4: a distinguishing quality or asset 5: RESPLENDENCE, MAGNIFICENCE 6: heavenly bliss 7: a height of prosperity or achievement verb glo•ried; glo•ry•ing : to rejoice proudly : EXULT

God (g•od) noun 1 cap : the supreme reality; esp : the Being worshiped as the creator and ruler of the universe 2: a being or object believed to have attributes and powers and to require worship 3: a person or thing of supreme value

God-head (g•od-he•ad) noun 1: divine nature or essence 2 cap GOD 1; also : the nature of God esp. as existing in three persons

God-hood noun : DIVINITY

God-like adjective : resembling or having the qualities law –god•less•ness n

Godly (god•le) adjective god•li•er; -est 1: DIVINE 2: PIOUS, DEVOUT –god•li•ness n

Praise (praz) verb praised; praisbutes and powersural attriing 1: to express approval of : COMMEND 2: to glorify (a divinity or a saint) esp. in song – praise n

Praiseworthy (praz•wor•the) adjective : LAUDABLE

Pray (pra) verb 1: ENTREAT, IMPLORE 2: to ask earnestly for something 3: to address God or a god esp. with supplication

Prayer (prar) noun 1: a supplication or expression addressed to God or a god; also: a set order of words used in praying 2: an earnest request or wish 3: the act or practice of praying to God or a god 4: a religious service consisting chiefly of prayers – often used in plural 5: something prayed for 6: a slight chance

Prayer Book noun : a book containing prayers and often directions of worship

Prayerful (prar•ful) adjective 1: DEVOUT 2: EARNEST – prayer•ful•ly adv

Worship (wor•ship) noun [Middle English worshipe worthiness, respect, reverence paid to a divine being, from Old English weorthscipe worthiness, respect, from. weorth worthy, worth + -scipe -ship, suffix denoting quality or condition] 1 chiefly British: a person of importance – used as a title for officials 2: reverence toward a divine being or supernatural power; also: the expression of such reverence 3: extravagant respect or admiration or devotion 〈~ of the dollar〉 verb -shiped or -shipped; -shiping or -shipping 1: to honor or reverence as a divine being or supernatural power 2: IDOLIZE 3: to perform or take part in worship – wor•ship•er or wor•shipp•er n

Worshipful (wor•ship•ful) adjective 1 archaic: NOTABLE, DISTINGUISHED 2 chiefly British: used as a title for various persons or groups of rank or distinction 3: VENERATING, WORSHIPING

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