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book-256Do you have any bible scripture suggestions, so you can read the commentary? The Pulpit Commentary is a homiletic commentary on the Bible created during the nineteenth century under the direction of Rev. Joseph S. Exell and Henry Donald Maurice Spence-Jones, and it listed in public domain.

Old Testament

Exodus 34:14 Psalm 7:17 Psalm 33:1 Psalm 35:18 Psalm 35:28 Psalm 50:23 Psalm 56:4 Psalm 56:10
Psalm 69:30 Psalm 99:9 Psalm 100:4 Psalm 113:1 Psalm 119:164 Psalm 135:1 Psalm 145:3 Psalm 148:1
Psalm 150:1 Proverbs 31:30 Daniel 2:20 Daniel 3:14 Daniel 3:28

New Testament

Matthew 4:10 Matthew 15:9 Mark 7:7 John 4:21 John 4:23 Acts 17:23 1 Corinthians 14:25 Galatians 3:9
Ephesians 1:6 Philippians 3:3 Hebrews 1:6 Hebrews 12:28 Hebrews 13:15 James 1:12 Revelation 14:7 Revelation 19:10
Revelation 22:9

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One of the largest homiletical commentary sets of its kind, this work gives a verse-by-verse exposition, a translation, and historical and geographical information, followed by the homiletics section, homilies by numerous authors, a homiletical index to the Bible, and a complete general index volume.

Source: Pulpit commentary description from Wikipedia