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To help others on their spiritual journey with God, as they become a true worshipper, please complete the form below or print the form and mail it in:

PO Box 2053 Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054

Encourage others along their ways to becoming a genuine and heartfelt worshipper for the Lord!

Christians need help. They need direction. They need advice. They need hope from you!

By helping, they will see how you came to do something the right way in your own group; who worships God according to John 4:23, so that they can be strengthened to complete this task the right way.

Also, your permission to use your story to encourage and help others to endure the journey to becoming the kind of worshipper God seeks after, including myself, family, and friends, plus brothers and sisters from around the world.

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If you are submitting a prayer request, I will be with you shortly.

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” I was searching for a friendly Christian site that will help me to learn about worship. It is not taught too much in my local assembly, and I really wanted to know more about praise and worship. You are encouraging Believers in Christ to know the word of God for themselves. I’m glad you have created this site just for me – accords, I will tell others about it, but I just feel like it was created for me. It’s real cool, and informative. Thanks Shelena!

Ryan White

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