Praise & Worship Artists and Bands

Looking for Great Praise and Worship Music?

Don’t know what artists or bands are out there in the music industry? I have a listing for you to check out. If you want to add to this praise and worship music listing, click here. Please included Artist’s website as well. Thanks for Your Help, and Your P&W Artists and Bands Review is Appreciated!

  1. 1 A.M. (1 Accord Ministry) Official Site: update: site unplugged
  2. All Sons & Daughters       Official Site:
  3. Allison Durham Speer       Official Site:
  4. Anthony Evans       Official Site:
  5. Aaron Gillespie        Official Site:    update: unplugged
  6. Among Thorns Band
  7. Andy Needham Band       Official Site:
  8. Andy Park       Official Site:
  9. Allan Scott       Official Site:
  10. Alvin Slaughter      Official Site:
  11. Bellarive        Official Site
  12. Benjamin Dunn & the Animal Orchestra     Official Site:   update: uplugged
  13. Bethel Music       Official Site:
  14. Bluetree       Official Site:
  15. Brad and Rebekah       Official Site:
  16. Brenton Brown       Official Site:
  17. Brian Doerksen       Official Site:
  18. By the Tree
  19. Carmen D’Arcy
  20. Carol Cymbala
  21. Charles Billingsley       Official Site:
  22. Charlie Hall       Official Site:
  23. Chris Clayton      Official Site:
  24. Chris McClarney
  25. Chris Tomlin       Official Site:
  26. Christy Nockels      Official Site:
  27. Cindy Cruse Ratcliff       Official Site:
  28. Clint Brown
  29. City Harmonic, The       Official Site:
  30. Citizens & Saints       Official Site:
  31. Cloverton Band       Official Site:
  32. Crowder Band       Official Site:
  33. Dana Jorgensen      Official Site:
  34. Daniel Bashta       Official Site:
  35. Darlene Zschech      Official Site:
  36. Deidra Hughes
  37. Dennis Jernigan     Official Site:
  38. Desperation Band        Official Site:
  39. Don Marsh
  40. Don Moen       Official Site:
  41. Eden’s Bridge
  42. Elevation Worship      Official Site:
  43. Elisha’s Request     Official Site:
  44. Eoghan Heaslip
  45. Gareth Paul Taylor
  46. Geron Davis & Kindred Soul
  47. Grace Williams      Official Site:
  48. Gungor      Official Site:
  49. Gwen Smith     Official Site:
  50. Hillsong      Official Site:
  51. Hillsong United      Official Site:
  52. Jadon Lavik      Official Site:
  53. Jason Bare      Official Site:
  54. Jason Upton     Official Site:
  55. Jeff Deyo      Official Site:
  56. Jon Thurlow      Official Site:
  57. Jordan Feliz      Official Site:
  58. Kari Jobe      Official Site:
  59. Katinas, The      Official Site:
  60. Kristin Schweain      Official Site:
  61. Lashanda McCadney      Official Site:
  62. Laura Story      Official Site:
  63. Lauren Daigle      Official Site:
  64. Matt Gilman      Official Site:
  65. Matt Maher      Official Site:
  66. Matt McCoy
  67. Matt Redman      Official Site:
  68. Paul Baloche      Official Site:
  69. Passion Music     Official Site:
  70. Rend Collective      Official Site:
  71. Rita Springer     Official Site:
  72. Robbie Seay Band      Official Site:
  73. Russell & Kristi      Official Site:
  74. Sonicflood      Official Site:
  75. Soulfire Revolution      Official Site:
  76. Steve & Sandi      Official Site:
  77. Steven Ybarra      Official Site:
  78. Stuart Townsend      Official Site:
  79. Tim Timmons      Official Site:
  80. Travis Cottrell      Official Site:
  81. United Pursuit      Official Site:
  82. Vicki Yohe      Official Site:
  83. Young Oceans       Official Site:

Praise and Worship Instrumental Artists

  1. Edward Klassen  (Harp)    Official Site:
  2. Greg Howlett (Piano)     Official Site:
  3. Greg Vail  (Saxophone)     Official Site:
  4. Jimmy Roberts  (Saxophone)    Official Site:
  5. Keith Andrew Grim  (Guitar)    Official Site:
  6. Kenny Mackenzie Trio (Piano)    Official Site:
  7. Laura Stincer (Flute)     Official Site: updated: unplugged
  8. Maurice Sklar (Violin)     Official Site:
  9. Paul Aaron (Clarinet)
  10. Ruth Fazal (Violin)      Official Site:
  11. Roberto Stuart (Saxophone)   Official Site:
  12. Sparx (Flute/Harp)
  13. Rezound (Handbells)    Official Site:

Praise and Worship Gospel Artists

  1. Bryon Cage
  2. David Dowlen
  3. Randall Fears & Blessed Through Christ
  4. Kyle Bynoe and Praise
  5. Micah Stampley   Official Site:



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