Praise The Name of Jesus Christ

There are many things to Praise God for, and below are some names and titles for your learning. Memorize them. Learn them so well by heart that they will come to your mind to help you in time of NEED.


Praise the name of Jesus Christ for His SOVEREIGN power….

Alpha and Omega, the Almighty     Revelation 1:8
Blessed and only Potentate     1 Timothy 6:15
Christ the Lord     Luke 2:11
God    John 1:1
God of the whole earth     Isaiah 54:5
Head of all principality and power     Colossians 2:10
I AM    John 8:58
Immanuel (God with Us)     Matthew 1:23
Judge of the living and the dead     Acts 10:42
King of Glory    Psalm 24:7,10
King of kings, and Lord of lords     Revelation 19:16
Lord of Heaven    1 Corinthians 15:47
Lord of Hosts    Isaiah 54:5, Psalm 24:10
Lord God Almighty    Revelation 15:3
Most Holy     Daniel 9:24
Ruler     Matthew 2:6
Son of God     John 9:35-3
The Wisdom and Power of God     1 Corinthians 1:24
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace     Isaiah 9:6


Praise the name of Jesus Christ for who He is….

To the World

Desire of All Nations     Haggai 2:7
Faithful Witness     Revelation 1:5
Friend of Sinners     Matthew 11:19
King over All the Earth     Zechariah 14:9
Lord of All     Acts 10:36
Ransom for All     1 Timothy 2:6
Righteous Judge   2 Timothy 4:8
Ruler over the kings of the Earth  Revelation 1:5
Savior of the World  John 4:42
Shepherd and Overseer of Your Soul     1 Peter 2:25
Son of Man    Matthew 8:20
Stone rejected  Matthew 21:42

As Savior

Author of Eternal Salvation    Hebrews 5:9
Gift of God     John 4:10
Jesus Christ Our Savior    Titus 3:6
Lord of Glory    1 Corinthians 2:8
Messiah    John 1:41
Messiah the Prince     Daniel 9:25
Offering and a Sacrifice to God     Ephesians 5:2
Redeemer    Isaiah 59:20
Resurrection and the Life    2 Timothy 1:10
Sun of Righteousness    Malachi 4:2

To the Believer in Christ

Advocate     1 John 2:1
Altogether Lovely     Song of Solomon 5:16
Author and Finisher of our Faith     Hebrews 12:2
Branch of Righteousness    Jeremiah 33:15
Bread of Heaven    John 6:51
Bread of Life    John 6:48
Bridegroom    Matthew 9:15
Chief Cornerstone    Ephesians 2:20
Chief Shepherd    1 Peter 5:4
Christ of God    Luke 9:20
Door of the sheep    John 10:7,9
Eternal Life    1 John 5:20
God and Savior    2 Peter 1:1
High Priest    Hebrews 3:1
Hope of Glory    Colossians 1:27
King of the Saints    Revelation 15:3
Life-giving Spirit    1 Corinthians 15:45
Light of the World   John 8:12
Lord Our Righteousness   Jeremiah 23:6
Lord Jesus   Acts 7:59
Mediator    1 Timothy 2:5
Messenger of the Covenant   Malachi 3:1
Prince and Savior    Acts 5:31
Prince of Peace   Isaiah 9:6
Prophet  Luke 24:19
Redeemer  Psalm 19:14
Rose of Sharon  Song of Solomon 2:1
True Light  John 1:9
Take and Study to Show Yourself Approved unto God, so that they become Prayer to Your Heart. If you have a bible study, copy and share for private learning only.

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