Do you know that praise and worship is not about Christian music?

Praise and Worship has been hijacked by the Secular Music Industry

Understand Worship To Discern The TImes We Are In Through God's Word

Through the will and purposes of God, you will learn about the true reason for praise and worship in our lives today. As Christians, it is our reasonable service to give of our time and finances towards ourselves, people, and the Lord. Giving is presented by the four sacrifices shown below.

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Reasonable Services To God Is Our Worship

Your reasonable service means appropriate, intelligent, logical, and true spiritual worship towards God from your own body. Living holy, pleasing, and acceptable from your spiritual temple.

This is the true worship that you should offer:

Praise the Name of the Most High God each day.

Giving to Poor and Needy is Worship to the Father of the Universe when you can.

Daily Worship from Your Own Body by Not Sinning Against It.

Worship is Love Expressed by Overcoming Evil with the Goodness of God’s Grace and Mercy.

Learn What Pleases God Through Our Praise And Worship

“I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments.” – Psalm 119:7

King James Version of the Holy Bible

What's Offered To You About God's Worship

God’s worship means true acceptable sacrificial offering from your genuine heart and the understanding of what Jesus has done for you. You respect Him and He will respect you.

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Not sure what to learn about praise and worship, or where to start? I have some bible study lessons for you to learn today. You will understand and have the basic knowledge about worship, so you may honor God acceptably, and lead others in the same direction towards Him.

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We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you by contacting us. In the meantime, you can explore the quick answers about praise and worship, plus meditation scriptures to help you to study.

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Read the Latest monthly articles, free offers, news and quotes about praise and worship from Shelena and other worthy authors and artist from our Blog page. Understanding by reading and doing what the Word of God said to do, you will mature in the key scriptures for worship according to John 4:23-24 . Seek God with full knowledge.

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Key Scriptures for Worshipping God: John 4:23-24

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