Devo Day 5: Take Time To Praise The Lord

Praise is Appropriate “Rejoice in the Lord, O you [uncompromisingly] righteous [you upright in right standing with God]; for praise is becoming and appropriate for those who are upright [in heart].” – Psalm 33:1 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC) The praise of God’s heart brings cheer to God’s ears, for His people sound best whenContinue reading “Devo Day 5: Take Time To Praise The Lord”

The Bible is Clear about Music

Listen, My Brother and Sister in Christ! Learn about music and the christian music industry. Here is my response to a young person on Youtube below. I thought is was important enough to share with you. Think about what it means to be a true worshipper of God versus contemporary Christian music industry of today.Continue reading “The Bible is Clear about Music”

Praise and Worship has been hijacked by the Secular Music Industry

Many Christians believe that the combination use of the words, praise and worship, means Christian worship music. How, if God tells us to praise and worship Him only? Musical sounds and instruments are NEVER to take the place of mankind’s expression in hymns and psalms from the heart to the Lord our God. If musicContinue reading “Praise and Worship has been hijacked by the Secular Music Industry”