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Shelena Griffiths (aka Shelena4Real), is wife and mother of three children, who experience God in a whole new way – through praise and worship. That’s it!

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Before I left the institutional church [don’t worry 🙂 – keep reading], I started to learn the importance of praise and worship in a Believer in Christ, like God seeks such to worship Him, it is a sacrifice of praise, how to bring true acceptable worship to the Lord, etc. Studying the Word of God, and discerning His voice is extremely helpful in the days in which we live. Just because I shared with you that I left the institutional church doesn’t mean that I have left the Lord of my life, Jesus Christ. I do fellowship with other Believers. I just choose to not worship on the beginning day of the week (and not the end of the week either?), or a building in which is called the Church. I can worship anytime or anyplace without quenching the Spirit of God. I’m set free. If you are looking for this same freedom, contact me at ilovepraiseandworship (at) outlook.com, or from this site contact page.

I hope my experiences will ignite your inward man with new hopes in Jesus Christ. The Lord is good and we must give thanks to Him, as a result He will reward us. Yes God will! Start saying this with like me, according to Psalm 118:23, “‘This is the Lord’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes.’ As grace, mercy, faithfulness have kept and continue to keep me. Even when I do not sense His present, it is still marvelous and I will be glad anyway.” Can you say the same?

Let’s read Psalm 31:7 NIV

“I will be glad and rejoice in your Love for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul”

In order words, I will be happy and rejoicing in His goodness, because He has notice my pain and deliver me (my soul from misery). Hallelujah, Glory to God!

Why not give God His due? I will. Please join with me.


PS. I know that I have said this, but please contact me anytime. Complete all required areas, and I will contact you soon. Do you have an article, poem, quote, or story to share with me or with others on this site? Read Terms and Conditions, before forwarding any submissions.

PSS. Try every spirit, according to God’s will to see if they are from Him – Prayer, Praise and Worship will help you to discern the difference between good and evil. Keep watchful, as you walk in the spirit.

Don’t forget? Give God A Good Praise Today by Leaving A Comment of Praise to the Lord, Your God. He is sooo worthy, right!

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