Praise and Worship has been hijacked by the Secular Music Industry

Many Christians believe that the combination use of the words, praise and worship, means Christian worship music. How, if God tells us to praise and worship Him only?

Musical sounds and instruments are NEVER to take the place of mankind’s expression in hymns and psalms from the heart to the Lord our God. If music is vital in worship, then why does Hebrew 13:15 tells us to open up our mouths in praise? This is something that we, as Christians, are to be doing each day toward the Creator God.

I could expand on this a bit more but, this is what this website is all about. You have to read what’s available to you to learn starting with our free praise and worship bible study lessons.

In all of our learning from Christian history, music took secondary position to understanding the Word of God. When you know the truth of praise and worship, you are changed by it. Your daily acknowledgment of God from your treasure (your heart) will express worship. Listening to music will never get you to worship God. Music is just a stimulus to stir your spirit towards or away from Him. Many has exchange music for the Holy Spirit; who prompts you to worship by invitation only. But first you are to show forth your love in praise!

Praise and Worship are two separate words used by true acceptable Christians who are willing to worship in spirit and in truth. Praise and Worship is not music.

Music is not worship. Since the popular of praise and worship style genre of Christian Contemporary Music, these words got lost in the mixed. The music industry stole the use of the words, praise and worship. When you think of praise and worship, you think of Christian music. Not you, as the individual to praise and /or worship God!


Published by Sister Shelena

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