Devo Day 3: Purpose of Praise

Only The Living Praise God

“For the grave cannot praise thee; death cannot celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit can hope for thy truth” – Isaiah 38:18

King James Bible

Every created being living on planet earth were created with an instinct to praise and worship.

These created things – a person, the sun, moon, and stars, heavens, all kinds of animals, and so on, were placed here on earth to praise God Almighty.

We were pre-wired that way by Him. He created and made these things for His good pleasure. In return, we praise Him. If you need a scripture reference for this, look in Psalm 148; which contains a list of created things who praise God.

Yes, it is our duty and a privilege for being alive today. Are you moving and in your right mind? Have food to eat? Have a nice place to live in? You should have a praise in your mouth, if not you must be death. Join with me in giving praise and thanksgiving to our Savior and Creator of all things, God Almighty.

In You, Lord Jesus, I move and have my being. I Love You with all my heart. You made me to sit in heavenly place with You, and I thank You! I’m a child of God: made to praise the Lord God. Glory Hallelujah!

You are an awesome God. My strong deliverer and defense, with You I know that all things are possible. Praise the Lord! I’m alive to give You adoration.

Now it’s your turn to open up your mouth and give thanks and praise. You can do it! Seeking the Lord is your purpose. Praising the Lord is what you do as a Follower of Christ Jesus.

Daily purpose of sacrifice through telling of God’s goodness: He want to hear from you today and always. Come on, you can do it!

I believe you can my friend. You are alive in Christ. Living and Breathing! God is looking for pure hearts in relation to the true purpose of spirit and truth. Do you sense that? If not, read the Book of John Chapter 4.



Purpose of Praise is to worship God in a lasting relationship with Him.

Praise the Lord, please share this with someone else to encourage them to worship God with all of their might.

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Summary: We seek the truth in God, and from His wisdom we honor Him in our praises. We thank Him for being alive and living to praise His holy name, or are you one of those who [are literally die] cannot praise Him? If unsure, read the Book of John Chapter 4 for some answers.

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Source: Page 19. Day 3 – Purpose Of Praise. A Real Desire To Praise God. Shelena Griffiths. Publisher I Love Praise And Worship. April 21, 2018. ISBN: 978-1986336451. Total Print Length: 118 pages.



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