Praise & Worship Awareness Day 2019

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Can we celebrate our duties as Christians?

Worship the Lord with:

  • Giving Thanks and Praise to the Lord
  • Giving to the Poor and Needy
  • Overcome Evil with Good
  • Don’t Sin against Your Own Body

Are you willing to commit or recommit yourself to God’s purpose? On June 30th 2019, we will individually or collectively do just that. This is our reasonable service to Him.

Join with Us!

You can let us know below in the comments. Thanks for believing in this cause, and letting other know of this important day.

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Join with Us Christian's Daily Worship Awareness Day on June 20th 2019

Published by Sister Shelena

I'm the author of "A Real Desire To Praise God," and "Are You Worshipping In Spirit and In Truth?" Get copies today at

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