Worship: In Spirit and In Truth (Sermon)

As a Christian, one of the activities we are commanded to do is worship.

BUT what exactly is worship?
How are we to worship God?
What is the proper way to worship?

In this 29 minutes sermon, Are you willing to associate yourself with this desire to worship Him in spirit and in truth? Get your bible and start reading from John Chapter 4. Learn the true purpose of worship from this sermon.

Read John 4:23-24

Look within your heart today, and offer up your sacrifice to the Lord God. He is looking for you to participate in this holy act of worship.

Praise God! Share your opinion about this sermon, and help others to believe in Him more through your inspired words.


Published by Sister Shelena

I'm the author of "A Real Desire To Praise God," and "Are You Worshipping In Spirit and In Truth?" Get copies today at Amazon.com

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