The Colors Most Commonly Used In Worship

Have you ever wonder what are the most used colors in worship?  There are others but these are the primary colors of any service.

The colors most commonly used are white, red, violet, black, and green.

“In the ornamentation of vestments and of the hangings of the Altar, as also in the general decoration of churches, all colors are employed as good taste may dictate. They are thus properly used for the glory of God, who created the many hues of nature and gave to man the power of deriving pleasure from them. Certain colors, however, are known as liturgical or ecclesiastical colors, and are, in accordance with ancient practice, employed for symbolical purposes about the Altar and chancel of our churches, or the dress of Ministers, during the different seasons of the Church Year. They serve to impress upon our minds, through the outward senses, certain great truths of the Gospel, and give honor and dignity to the celebration of its sacred mysteries.

White, signifying purity and joy, is used on the Feasts of the great mysteries of our Faith and at all seasons relating to our Lord, on days relating to the Blessed Virgin and to those saints who were not also martyrs, and on festival occasions, such as Confirmations, Ordinations, Dedications, Weddings, etc.

Red, the emblem of blood and fire, is used on the Feasts of martyrs, typifying the blood which was shed for Christ, and at Whitsuntide, when it tells of the tongues of fire which came upon the Apostles.

Violet, the emblem of penitence, is used in Advent, in the season from Septuagesima to Lent, in Lent, and also on Ember and Rogation days.

Black signifies mourning, and is used on Good Friday and at Burials.

Green, the ordinary color of nature, is used on all days which are not Feasts or Fasts and when no special truth or doctrine is to be emphasized.”

The next time you see these colors of white, red, violet, black or green in any gathering or worship service, you will understand the importance and the use for each color shown. Please keep in mind that this does not apply to all denominations (Houses of Worship), but generally they are the most commonly used. God’s will and purposes for His people are often shared through colors.

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P.S. For More Information on Symbolism of Colors with Strong’s Concordance References for Study, click here.
Source: The Worship Of The Church by Jacob A. Regester

Additional Worship Colors

Detail information about the following worship colors in church services

Gold  |  BrownPurple  |  Blue White  |  Black  | Green  |  Red


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