First Week of February 2017, Top Christian Albums by Sales Data

For Your Convenience, Here are the top christian albums by Billboard’s rating for week ending February 4, 2017. They shared the top-selling albums ranked by sales data compiled by Nielsen Music. Can you believe it? The first 4 days is over after tomorrow. If you been looking for some great praise and worship artist, here you go!

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  1. RISE      Danny Gokey
  2. THE MISADVENTURES OF FERN & MARTY      Social Club Misfits
  3. maranatha-top-25-praise-songs Maranatha! Music: TOP 25 PRAISE SONGS 2017 Ed.      Various Artists
  4. HOW CAN IT BE      Lauren Daige
  5. WOW HITS 2017      Various Artists
  6. RUN WILD, LIVE FREE, LOVE STRONG      for King & Country
  7. AMERICAN PRODIGAL      Crowder
  8. HYMNS      Joey & Rory
  9. Let There Be Light     Hillsong Worship
  10.  UNLEASHED     Skillet


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