Jesus Christ, Worship Him!

There are many things out in the world with the need to humble oneself and worship him/her or this great idol. However, we must take a few steps backward to exam why we are doing this? The bible shares with us that we were created to worship by the Creator God. Why did He create us in this manner? Should we worship idols? If we worship here on earth, who is this person acceptable to God?

If you have been with me since March of 2016, you know that I wrote an article called Biological Drive to Worship.  In that articled, I shared we have been given instinct; a strong natural impulse or a biological drive to survive. One of our dna codes tells us to worship. It is inborn in all humans to want to praise and worship. Relationship is that drive to get our hearts to humble oneself to that which we value – like idols or Almighty God Himself!

God valued us so much that He walked and talked with us in the book of Genesis. Even after sin entered the world through deception, God showed us His grace and mercy through acceptable offerings; which Adam and his family did to paid the cost of knowing good from evil. Since that time until now, we are told not to worship idols or any other thing except for the God himself. If we do, it will keep us from our valuable relationship with God, just as it did for the children of Israel in Ezekiel 14:5: “That I [God] may take the house of Israel in their own heart, because they are all estranged from me through their idols.” Idol [dead] worship keeps us away from the true and living God. What must we do to rekindle our relationship with God? Let’s continue to read Ezekiel 14:6, “Therefore say unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God; Repent, and turn yourselves from your idols; and turn away your faces from all your abominations.” Deuteronomy 11:16 states, “Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;” It is very clear, according to Psalm 81:9, “There shall no strange god be in thee; neither shalt thou worship any strange god.” Strange god is anything that is not of God himself; ie. idol worship.

If we cannot worship things made with our hands or other images created by God, then who or what is acceptable to God for worship? Let’s read Luke 4:8 for the answer: “And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” There are many who do not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ being God’s only begotten Son, so they could not believe His saying found in the Holy Bible. If you cannot believe Jesus, who can you believe?

God was made manifested in the flesh and lived among us who named is Immanuel/Emmanuel [Jesus Christ of Nazareth] (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23). 1 John Chapter 1 explains this fully:

(V.1)That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;(V.2) (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) (V.3)That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. (V.4) And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. (V.5) This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. (V.6) If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: (V.7) But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. (V.8)  If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. (V.9) If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (V.10) If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

1 John continues with some truly startling information for us to know, and that is the importance of knowing Jesus Christ, as Saviour and the affection of our worship. We are to worship God as well as Jesus Christ. God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit is the redeemer of sin and saver of souls. In the Last days, we will be hender from worshipping our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let’s pick up at chapter 2:18, “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” Yes, we are living in it right now – whether you believe it or not. (V.19) “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.(V.20) But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.(V.21) I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.(V.22) Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.(V.23) Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.”

Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? Any anti-christ, evil spirit or physical entity, that denies the Father God and the Son of God, Jesus Christ. “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world (1 John 4:3).

God sent Jesus to help, deliver, and set people free to worship Him again.  If you deny Jesus Christ,  you cannot worship the Father God. Many people who call(ed) themselves “Christians,” Believers in Christ, Disciple of Christ, and so forth, if they cannot confess that Jesus is God in the flesh, are not God’s children! It is not good only to confess he as Lord, but it is necessary true that God has been manifested in the flesh through his son, Jesus Christ. 2 John 1:7  states, “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

We are to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth. We are to give Him the same respect and honor as we do the Creator of this Universe. Also, we must remember it was Jesus who paid the cost for sin on the crucified cross for us; once and for all. It was His blood made an atonement for the soul (Leviticus 17:11), and shed for many for the remission of sins (Matthew 26:28). If you cannot praise and worship Jesus for anything else on this day, you should have a praise and thanksgiving for His blood. It was the blood that saved, healed, and freed you from the eternal bondage of this world.

It is Jesus Christ you need to worship!

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Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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